Victorian tea cups and saucers against a pale pink background photographed for PR content.
A pigs head sits on a table bathed in dramatic window light. Photography for the UK's first zero waste restaurant.
Clams sitting on a slate served on top a marble table at at restaurant. Food photography for restaurants.
An empty, colourful street scene in Barcelona's fishermen quarter La Barceloneta. Travel photography for editorials.
Fishermen finishing their morning duties on their boat in the  Croatian coast. Travel photography for editorials,
A black and white headshot of a model with her right hand covering her right eye. Fashion photography.
The colourful interior of a ferry boat on the Adriatic coast. Personal photography project about aesthetic spaces.
Pattern of Brighton Gin bottles under harsh light sitting on top of a pink background. Product photography for brands advertisement and PR.
A hand holds a bouquet of red roses with a red, shiny card for mothers day against a red background.
A man walks around the corner during the early hours of the morning in a remote town in Mexico.
Fitness coaches train boxing at dawn in front of the West Pier on Brighton Beach.
Minimalistic portrait of two fresh poblano peppers sitting on top of a white surface.
A tourist walks on the patio of architect Luis Barragan's most iconic house designed in Mexico City.
Editorial and documentary photography for a chiropractor treating a pregnant patient.
Minimalistic black and white fine art portrait of an athlete's nude back photograph for a fashion editorial.
Black and white documentary photography of a chef waiting behind the scenes during a shoot at a Chelsea restaurant.
Fine art detailed photograph of a concrete spiralling staircase on a Mexican modernist building photographed for a travel editorial piece.
Atmospheric portrait of a composer lying in the floor with his headphones on, with his instruments and cables all around him. Photography for the artist's website.
Portrait of a collection of beer cans with a label previously photographed for this product.
A chef's finishing touches on an Indian restaurant in Brighton photographed for the restaurant's PR.
A cheese burger sits on a delivery box under atmospheric evening light. Product photography for food brands in Brighton and London.
A photograph of the rear bottom part of an American Muscle car with the photographer's shadow on the foreground. Editorial and documentary photography for automotive events.
A portrait of a man posing on period Americana apparel against a forest background photographed for a sartorial piece on a fashion magazine.
A Ramen delivery kit with all the ingredients laid out on a red table.
Portrait of a model wearing a feathered shoulder piece. Fashion photography for festival apparel and accessories.
A black and white portrait of a man eating a sandwich with a cheese string falling off his mouth.
Atmospheric product shot of an essential oil bottle casting colourful reflections from the sunlight shining through the sides.
An overhead minimalistic photograph of a coffee cup with latte art under a symmetrical light pattern casted by the corner of a window.
Hands holding cookies shaped from aztec cookie cutters.
Self portrait of my shadow against a window being casted on a white wall.
A PR photograph of a classical pianist playing a full tail piano in the middle of an abandoned car park. The pianist is dressed in his concerto tuxedo.
Colourful portrait of a box of peaches.
Bright portrait of a female chef posing with her arms crossed, in chef whites, smiling and against a pale blue background.
Photograph of a woman receiving a neck and face treatment from a beautician whose hands are wrapped around the patient's chin in a gentle manner.
Portrait photograph of a rum bottle lying flat on a white background. Ingredients are scattered around the bottle like sugar cane sticks on the right hand side, molasses dripping on the bottom left corner and honey dripping around the bottle from the top.
Portrait of a model placing jewellery around her wrist.
Photograph of a gin bottle against a rustic orange background. Two gin tonics sit to the right and a cocktail sits on the left side of the photograph.
Portrait of training coaches striking a pose in between shoots during a PR session for a fitness gym.
A close up portrait of a mushroom dish.
An overhead portrait of a single crayfish lying flat against a metal surface.
Black and white photograph of a model holding a martini glass with his arm stretched forward towards the lens. A hand is seen pouring a drink into the martini glass.
A portrait of the top half of a model in denim dungarees holding a plate with of salad with both her hands.
A minimalistic portrait of four vintage ceramic rolling pins lined up symmetrically on top of a light wooden surface.
Travel photograph of a brutalist architecture in Zagreb, Croatia.
Artistic portrait of champagne glasses with sunlight shining through them and casting colourful reflections on the table.
Portrait of a chef slicing charcuterie at an Italian restaurant.
Professional portrait in a corporate documentary style of two female business coaches wearing colourful but professional dresses set in the conservatory of a business centre.
Portrait of a chef smiling and wearing a baker's hat.
Minimalistic portrait of a perfectly round Neapolitan Pizza against a light blue wooden surface.
PR and editorial photograph of a hen party of 6 women, all dressed in robes and sandals enjoying champagne at the reception of a beauty salon.
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